LIVE: Glen Sather and Rick Nash Conference Call

Glen Sather:

How different was this proposal was this from the early ones? “I don’t like to talk about things that didn’t happen, I would prefer to make comments on the player or the players that left NY. It took a long time, I will talk about that.”

On Nash “We are happy to have a five time goal scorer who is 28 years old. He is one of the best goal scorers in the NHL and will help us immensely. These things take time to happen and it was difficult for us to trade the guys we did. I think it’s a fair trade for both sides.”

The Rest of Glen Sather and Rick Nash’s comments are below

On continuous talks with Columbus: “It was pretty much continuous. We were pretty active in trying to get “STEVE?” and I tried to make the deal and offered him some names that he sent back.”

On the core “we have a very young hockey club and Brandon and Artie were part of that, but this strengthens our hockey club. With Kreider coming along we think we will be fine.”

“If you look at the money traded in this deal, we come out on the upside. Artie has one year left on his deal and was going to get a big raise. The money is a wash and as far as the CBA is concerned, we don’t have any idea where it will go. We still have to operate under the current rules.

On Rick as a player “We are always trying to improve the team, it’s an ongoing struggle. The opportunity was there before the trade deadline. Gaborik will be out until some time in November. Once he and Nash get together we will have some pretty good offensive players. He is a world class player and were one of his chosen two right from the beginnings. ”

On Shane Doan “That is purely speculation but it doesn’t eliminate the chance to pursue someone else at this stage.”

Why was keeping this group of young players important “Most of these guys have grown up together, have good chemistry and get along. Nash doesn’t break up the core and he is basically the same age as everyone else. We have kids coming up and this kind of quality hockey player doesn’t come along all the time.

“I tried to make the deal at the deadline and over the next three months we were able to put the deal together. Gabby is training hard and will be fine, but that isn’t why we made the deal. He is a terrific player, has the right attitude about coming to NY and it was a deal we couldn’t turn down”

On Shea Weber pushing this trade forward “No. We were always in the hunt for Nash and it was something that Scott had to get his mind around. The Weber deal had NOTHING to do with this”

On playing the Rangers style “I don’t have a worry in the world about that. Torts has coached against him in the NHL and Olympics and knew very well what his style was. Everyone in our organization was after this guy.”

Rick Nash:

On the trade “I was very excited and looking forward to this opportunity and being part of something special with what is already going on. It was a lot of limbo and tough period of five months but the good thing now is that it’s over and I can look forward to next year”

On the Rangers, “they are already one of the top teams in the league. The players they have there are very impressive from the goalie out. I am happy to be part of the organization and part of the whole city.”

On playing with Brad Richards “I think it will be great. When you play in a quick tourney and you only have 3 weeks to mesh, right now I am not worried about those kinds of things I am just excited about opening a new chapter”

On Cally “From everything I have heard about him he has done a world class job. I am impressed from sitting back and watching him and he has a lot of guys who have been leaders on other teams who he can bounce things off of”

On Cally’s style “he is a heart and soul player and will do whatever it takes to win.”

On moving on from Columbus and picking the Rangers as a choice “I think initially i went in with Scott Howson and was told that there was going to be a rebuild and thought that I could be the main piece of a rebuild for them. If the circumstance was right I could help them rebuild and help my career move on. The Rangers have an amazing team already and I think it was a great fit for my style and for me to play there.

On the game in February  “It was tough and mentally draining. I think I took it as another game which is tough to do because we don’t get to come to MSG that often. I tried as much as I could to be professional”