Read: Matt Hunwick is a good skater and a good team guy

The Rangers signed defenseman Matt Hunwick to a ONE-YEAR, one-way contract on July 1 that will pay him $600,000 whether he is in the NHL or AHL.

Hunwick, 29, is a left shooting defenseman who is 5-11, 190 and has played in 292 NHL games.

He spent last season in the Colorado organization where he played in one game for the Avalanche and 52 for Lake Erie of the AHL where he had 10 goals and 21 assists.

Hunwick started his career with the Bruins but was traded to Colorado early on in the 2010-11 season so the Bruins could open up cap space. (WEEI)

When Hunwick was traded (NESN):

  • Zdeno Chara said that it was tough to lose a player like him who was such a great teammate and guy
  • He was Boston’s “best skater” and added mobility to their defense
  • Adam McQuaid said that Hunwick was a player who brought a lot of different things to the Bruins and is an “excellent skater” and PP guy.

His average career Corsi number is 48.3% (HR) and has averaged 18:07 per game.

Joe Sacco, Hunwick’s former coach in Colorado, said that he brings an “outstanding” attitude to the rink, is a “consummate pro and is always preparing for when he will get his opportunity. (Denver Post)

On Hunwick, Hockey Forecaster’s 2013-14 guide said, “Although he’s not very big, and his puck moving skills at other levels have yet to manifest in the NHL, Hunwick led all Colorado rearguards in total ice time. He kills penalties well thanks to his poise, as well as his smart positioning. Credited with 40 hits and 59 blocked shots in 2013, his value is in his intangibles.”


Can someone clarify for me: One way does not mean that a player can't be sent down, it just means that if he is sent down his salary will remain the same. Is that right or no?

Vic Scarpelli
Vic Scarpelli


yea that;'s right. He likely will be waived , teams would have a chance to pick him up but he likely clears and starts in CT. If its under 900K ( I think, may be off by a bit ) then the salary is not on the NHL cap. I imagine Meuller also gets sent down and he has a one way deal.


@Vic Scarpelli @jqstave Stempniak and Lombardi are also candidates for this. Lots of flexibility with the depth players.