Recap: Mats Zuccarello gives an update on his status

Mats ZuccarelloMats Zuccarello spoke with the media today following practice:

  • “I try everyday to see if it gets better. It’s a fracture so it needs to heal a little bit but it gets better every day.”
  • Did it bother you today, “it’s been 12 days I think so it’s going to hurt a little bit but just keep going on the ice and try and try. It gets better everyday hopefully and then we will see.”
  • On being in good shape when he is ready, “just being on the ice to get the feeling…so that as soon as you are ready to go you are ready to go. You can do as much as you want on the bike or in the gym but it’s on the ice that you want to have the conditioning stuff.”
  • On shooting the puck, “you have to see how far you can go. You feel the sting and know you can go to there and then keep it there and it’s a lot better now than it was 3-4 days ago. It gets better and better.”

Zuccarello is expected to miss 2 weeks of games with his injury.

Alex Baker
Alex Baker

So in other words, he's about halfway through Mordor, but every day he gets closer and closer to Mount Doom.