Read: The Marty Brodeur/Mats Zuccarello Scrums Last Night

Devils Rangers HockeyThroughout the game last night, Mats Zuccarello was around Marty Brodeur and the two seemed to engage in a few altercations.

Brodeur shoved Zuccarello in the second period and as Zuccarello was preparing to charge back, he was put in a head lock by Marek Zidlickly. Zuccarello and Zidlicky were called for roughing penalties.

After the game, Zucarello said that there was nothing to to their battles and told the NY Post that it was just “heat of the moment” and two competitive guys battling. “No big deal.”

He added that those kinds of things happen in heated rivalry games like this.

Brodeur said last night “he’s the only guy I can take on.”

Pete DeBoer said “I saw Zuccarello stick him two or three times and he better hope that Marty doesn’t get upset.