Read: Some People In Norway Think That John Tortorella Sent Mats Zuccarello Down Because He Didn’t Want To Deal With Media

Mats Zuccarello AasenAccording to Nettavisen, there are journalists in Norway who believe that John Tortorella became so tired of answering questions about Mats Zuccarello that he decided to send him down.

Reporter Anders Blegeberg said “Tortorella was really mad, so on him. It was a little “overkill” when a player who struggles to get on the team gets so much attention. They need rest and must find their place in the hierarchy. I think he was tired, he said. ”

Uffe Bodin of Hockey Sverige said that the idea of sending Zuccarello to Hartford for anything more than hockey  reasons is crazy.

Swedish Hockey magazine editor Linus Hugosson agreed with Bodin and said “Can you see Tortorella go to his boss Glen Sather and say, “I will send down Zucca, because journalists are so tiresome?”. Nah … “