Read: Mats Zuccarello Is Flying To NY/His Coach In Norway Thinks The Rangers Are A Bad Fit/Is It Only For This Season?

According to TV2, Mats Zuccarello will fly to NY today and the only thing stopping him from entering the Rangers lineup is that he needs to obtain a visa.

His agent told nettavisien that it may take one to two weeks for Zuccarello to obtain a visa.

Zuccarello will sign a one-way contract and reports are that the deal is through this season only.

His coach, when translated, told Dagbladet “Now Mats at worst end up alright salary for one month, and then it’s over. ”

Roy Johansen, the coach of Norway’s World Championship team, said that the Rangers are a bad fit for Zuccarello because they play “stone age hockey” by just dumping and chasing.

Zuccarello told VG, “ I must do my best. I’m not Gretzky coming to revolutionize New York Rangers.