Mats Zuccarello anticipates getting his butt kicked at some point

ZuccarelloMats Zuccarello said before the season that at some point, because of his style of play, he was going to get into a fight and “get my butt kicked.” (LoHud via Nettavisen)

A Norwegian writer called him the “Joe Pesci from Oslo.” (VG)

Zuccarello said that he isn’t a fighter or “tough guy” but his edge comes naturally because of how the game is played. He said that sometimes you need to try and create a spark. (LoHud via Nettavisen)

Joe Micheletti said on MSG that Zuccarello is not a player who will back down.

Micheletti said last year that Zuccarello doesn’t take “guff” from anyone and you have to “love his heart.”