Read: Marty St. Louis on pressure, not getting a shot attempt and working through his slump

Marty St. Louis3/18/14: 10:18AM: St. Louis said that if he didn’t feel good he would be disappointed but “I feel great out there.” (NY Post)

3/17/14: 4:37PM: Against San Jose last night, Marty St. Louis didn’t register a shot attempt.

He has one shot on goal in the past two games.

When asked about that after practice on Monday, St. Louis said (Rangers), “I’m not gonna go down the ice and take a shot just to take a shot that is on the scoresheet. I am trying to play the game that is in front of me. Sometimes you are the shooter and sometimes you are not.”

When asked about pressure, St. Louis said (Rangers) “of course there is pressure. To me there is no bigger pressure than the pressure that I put on myself. I knew it was going to be hard and I’m not gonna…there is no time to feel sorry. You need to man up, be a big boy about it and go to work every day. That is what I am trying to do. I could have come here and scored two my first game but if I don’t score for five you are still in the same spot. You try and find some consistency in your production and that is what I am after now. Every game I have felt great so. I wanna….I wanna do it as bad as anybody else so I will keep plugging.”

St. Louis added that he has played worse in his career, “way worse,” and that it’s very different to play with new players after being with a lot of the same guys in Tampa for a while. (ESPN NY)