Read: Brad Richards on Marty St. Louis right now

Marty St. LouisBrad Richards said yesterday that the Rangers don’t play the way that the Lightning do and that Marty St. Louis is adjusting to the style in play that Richards says is “more by committee” and “a little more balanced.” (NY Post)

He adds that St. Louis is trying to buy in to the Ranger style of play but with his struggles and the recent struggles of the team it is starting to “mount” on him. (NY Post)

Richards said that if the Rangers can get some wins it will help relax St. Louis a little bit. (NY Post)

Richards adds that St. Louis has been around long enough to know when he needs to do more and adds, “he’s going to be a big player for us the next 13 games.” (NY Times)

St. Louis spoke about his game on Monday.

Debra Kay Levi
Debra Kay Levi

I consider Reigning Richards as 1 of the Head leaders of this Team - he makes sense in his thoughts on "Louis Louis"