Note: Marc Staal and Taylor Pyatt Were Golfing Yesterday

Marc StaalMarc Staal and Taylor Pyatt were two of many NHL players who took part in a charity golf tournament in their hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

While Marc’s brother Jordan spoke with a paper in Thunder Bay, it doesn’t appear that Marc spoke or gave any update on the condition of his eye.

THIS SECTION is all about Staal and his eye injury.

Staal said on breakup day, “Once everything settles down and I get comfortable with it I will never have to be asked about it again. I think time is going to help things get adjusted, the issues and the pressure I was having will go away. The puck caused a tear in the eye and the pressure would spike and dip and I would get disoriented and the eye would cramp up. I couldn’t get through practice, let alone a game.”