Buzz: The Rangers have not started contract talks with Marc Staal/Staal hopes for a deal before the season

Staal8/21/14 | 2:34PM: Staal’s agent says that things are “all quiet”  in regards to a contract extension. (ESPN NY)

8/2/14 | 9:26PM: There have been no discussions between the Rangers and Marc Staal about a contract extension though Staal’s agent was told by Jeff Gorton that the Rangers focus at the start of the offseason was on locking up the players who had arbitration rights. (NY Post)

Staal’s agent expects the two sides to talk before training camp and says that Marc’s objective is to sign a long-term deal with the Rangers and he hopes to get it done before the season starts. (NY Post)

Larry Brooks says that there is no reason for the Rangers not to be in negotiations with Staal after locking up the arbitration eligible RFAs.  (NY Post)

The minimum for Staal will be the six-years and $5.5 million per season that Dan Girardi got earlier this year. Brooks says that Staal’s price will only go up during the season.  (NY Post)

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Why will his value go up when his level of play is noticeably going down?

Scött Füchs
Scött Füchs

I ran the numbers for 2015-2016, giving everyone due to be re-signed next year what I feel is their expected raises... And if we're keeping everyone worth keeping (barring trades of Glass & Klein). The Rangers need the Cap to rise over $75 million for next year ....}