Read: Marc Staal’s Summer Has Been “Normal”/Seems Healthy

Marc Staal, Mikhail GrigorenkoThe Rangers website caught up with Marc Staal and while his eye injury or his vision are not directly mentioned, Staal described his summer as “normal” and not like previous summers where he has been banged up or dealing with concussion issues.

Staal said that he is “completely healthy” and has been working out and skating in preparation for training camp.

He said on breakup day, “once everything settles down and I get comfortable with it I will never have to be asked about it again. I think time is going to help things get adjusted, the issues and the pressure I was having will go away. The puck caused a tear in the eye and the pressure would spike and dip and I would get disoriented and the eye would cramp up. I couldn’t get through practice, let alone a game.”

For more on Staal and his eye injury, CLICK HERE.

Adam Rotter: It seems a little odd that his eye injury, the most important Staal related story, wasn’t mentioned but if he says he is healthy then we have to take him at his word. Marc has had months now to rest and let his eye recover and it’s certainly encouraging that his vision isn’t getting in the way of his training. He has probably about another month or so before he heads to NY for pre-training camp informal practices, and we should get a better idea of how things are progressing then.