Read: Where JT Miller Is At

In his first professional season, 2011 first round pick JT Miller had 62 points in 61 regular season games and 10 points in 12 playoff games.

Miller played for Team USA at the World Junior Championships as well and was invited to their evaluation camp for this coming tournament.

Gordie Clark said during a Rangers chat on the team’s website that Miller had a good season,”the season went the way we hoped. He was leading the team in scoring right off the bat. Had a good World Junior for Team USA, was a little tired but then geared it back up. We had to see what he could do in a 70 game seaosn since he was only played 40-45. At the end of the season he stepped right into the AHL and make some plays and do some things out there. It was a situation where we go into the summer camp, we will discuss JT and he may be ready to play in the AHL.”

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