Read: The Rangers Like The Direction That JT Miller Is Going

Gordie Clark said in a video on the Rangers website, “He came to development camp and showed that he’s still headed in the right direction which is important

Miller has said that he has modeled his style of play after the John Tortorella has the Rangers play, “every shift he always gave everything he had in the draft year and that’s the way he has to play and that’s the way he is playing. He’s a big strong kid. He’s got the hockey sense to make a pass and he was just drilling the puck out here and I think he had a good year goal-scoring. I think it’s gonna be even better next year because he’s got the shot to do it. He just has to take it more. That’s the biggest thing for him but he was actually one of the most consistent players out there.”

Miller had 25 goals and 37 assists last season for Plymouth. He had two goals and eight assists in 13 playoff games.