Read: The Rangers and JT Miller’s Long Term Development

At the United States of Hockey, Chris Peters looks at JT Miller and the role he could have for Team USA at the World Junior Championships…..if the Rangers allow him to play in the tournament. (Note: Reports said yesterday that Miller would be allowed to play.)

Peters writes “When it comes to first-round picks like Miller, the investment a team makes is a big one, so no one can blame the Rangers for doing whatever they want with their property.”

On why he thinks the Rangers should allow Miller to play, Peters says that the experience of playing in the tournament this year, against many players who should be playing in the NHL right now and that Miller would have a major role for Team USA playing in all situations and being in a leadership role.

Miller would miss nine games with the Whale but play in six or seven high pressure, competitive games for Team USA.

The Rangers refused to let Evgeny Grachev play for Russia in his first season in Hartford and ended up regretting the move.

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