Read: The JT Miller Situation Right Now

JT MillerThis week, Alain Vigneault said that he wants to see JT Miller find a role in the Rangers top 12 forwards  and eventually develop into a top-six player. Vigneault said that he is thinking about what is best for the team and the player.

He said that while Chris Kreider needed to play in a top-six role to be effective, Miller is a guy who can play in the top-six or bottom-six but it needs to be determined if it’s better for Miller to play limited minutes in the NHL or big minutes in the AHL.

Miller told the NY Post earlier in the week that he needs to get better at having a short-term memory and moving on from mistakes and focusing on his next shift.

He added that he plays every game as if it is his last and just needs to play hard and play within the system to be successful.

On the season, 11 games, Miller has one assist, is a minus two, has 6PIM, 13 shots, 13 hits and averaging 12:22 per game.

In three games in November so far, Miller is averaging 9:34 per game.

According to Extra Skater, Miller has 25 shot attempts this year, 13 on goal, 6 that missed the net and 6 that were blocked. Miller is starting 32.7% of his shifts in the offensive zone, 34.7% in the neutral zone and 32.7% in the defensive zone.

While on ice at even strength, via Extra Skater, Miller has been on for 88 shot attempts for, 96 against, 51 shots on goal for, 52 against.

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Adam Rotter: JT Miller doesn’t turn 21 until March 14th and as we have seen with Chris Kreider, who is older, it takes time for players to find their way in the NHL. Miller was great in the preseason and has had some moments during the regular season, but it may benefit him more to go to Hartford and play big minutes for an extended period of time, especially if his role is on the fourth line.