Read: JT Miller WJC Tournament Review/How He Plays “The Right Way”

IJT Millern the World Junior Championships, JT Miller had two goals and seven assists to finish in the top ten in tournament scoring.

After the game, Miller told Mike Morreale of,”I started blacking out, my heart was pounding thru my chest; Don’t think I’ve been happier in my whole life”

Following the Gold Medal game against Sweden, Chris Peters wrote at the United States of Hockey that Miller wanted redemption after the seventh place finish Team USA had in 2012. He added that after a slow start to the tournament, Miller was “excellent” at the end of the tournament.

In his wrap up of the entire tournament, Peters wrote that Miller simplified his game after some early tournament struggles and started playing to his strengths. Those strengths, Peters says, are his vision, size and skill and his play in the second half of the tournament showed a glimpse of the kind of player he will be when he reaches the NHL.,0,330381.story

Grant Sonier of ESPN Insider, writes that Miller is the kind of player that all winning teams need. He says that Miller played a big part as a defensive forward for Team USA and most importantly, he is “the type who will give his body up for the cause.”

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We're signing Robin Yount?


We don't have the cap space for a player like Brewer.


Wouldn't be a bad thing to bring him in for camp to see how he works out. Starting experience, and hes played all over the line.