Read: JT Miller Is An “Exceptional Talent/John Tortorella Is Watching Him Closely

Mathieu Garon, J.T. MillerLast night against Carolina, JT Miller played 14:41. It was the most amount of ice time he has had in the last four games.

John Tortorella said before the Rangers win over the Capitals, via the Daily News, that he is watching him very closely vecause he is fearful of screwing up Miller’s development.

Tortorella added that because Miller is a young kid he keeps “waiting for something to go wrong,” but it hasn’t yet and he is “growing as a player.”

Before the Rangers played in Pittsburgh, Tortorella said of Miller, via Ranger Rants, “we’re going to watch it very closely because we still think he needs to develop and we want to make sure we’re not always putting him in spots that’s going to hurt his development. He’s a real interesting one as we continue to try to influx our team with young kids.”

Following Miller’s goal in the shootout last night which clinched a Rangers victory, John Tortorella said that Miller has “some jam” and looks to make a play. He added that he walks a line with Miller in teaching him about situational play, but also allowing him to play.

On picking him for the shootout, Tortorella said “I was confident that he could make a play. It wasn’t a great move but you gotta give him credit for having the balls to hang on to it and put it in the net.:

When asked to describe Miller, Tortorella said “he is a confident kid. I’ll leave it at that.”

In general on Miller, Tortorella said, “since he started with us, you can see, and he has, sometimes he makes a difference the other way, but the reason why he is here is that he has done more good by trying to take control and do good things. I thought tonight was one of his better games because I think he has been trailing. We are keeping an eye on him because we aren’t going to screw him up. If it gets too ugly and it’s a struggle, he will go right back. Just like Chris, it’s too big an asset to screw around with. We want him to develop the proper way.”

Sabres coach Ron Rolston called Miller an “exceptional talent ” and added, “the sky’s the limit for him in what he can do and his ability. He skates, he’s extremely competitive. He can finish. He can make plays. He’ll sacrifice for his teammates. So I think in terms of a total package, that’s a home run, for me.”

Rolston coached Miller when he was with the US National Team.