Read: Where The Biggest Hole In The Organization Is

Steve Ott,  John MooreIn a chat with the Rangers website, Gordie Clark said that the biggest hole in the Rangers organization now is the lack of an offensive defenseman, someone who can be a power play specialist.

Clark notes that with no pick in the first round this year, the Rangers aren’t likely to draft someone who will play for them next year and that to address the need the Rangers may need to look at a trade or something else.

Leslie Treff writes at Hockey’s Future that the only true offensive blue liner the organization has is 2012 fourth round pick Calle Andersson.

Treff says that a high risk/high reward offensive defenseman would be a good choice for the Rangers and one might be around when they pick in the third round.

Adam Rotter: That position hasn’t been filled but it hasn’t been for a lack of trying. Bobby Sanguinetti and Michael Del Zotto were drafted two years apart, and while Del Zotto has that promise, he has yet to show it consistently. John Moore has some skills and so does Ryan McDonagh and maybe they will all see an increase in production with Alain Vigneault, but this has been an issue the Rangers have had pretty much since Brian Leetch was traded.