Recap: Henrik Lundqvist on why he wears #30 and other answers from a Q&A

Henrik LundqvistHenrik Lundqvist did a Q&A with Bauer today after a photo shoot. (Bauer Hockey on Twitter) 

In the Q&A, Lundqvist said that he wears #30 because that was the number issued to him when he joined the team and that #35, the number he wore in Sweden, has been retired by the Rangers.

Other things Lundqvist said included:

  • Hanging out with friends and family and going out for a nice dinner are his favorite things to do on off days in NYC.
  • His pregame meal is spaghetti and meat sauce.

  • His favorite moment from the playoffs was beating Montreal in game six and advancing to the Stanley Cup Final at MSG.
  • Breakaways are all about patience and timing and having the player make the first move.
  • Christian Bale would be who he wants to play him in a movie.
  • He listens to punk rock before games.
  • His favorite vacation is returning to Sweden to see friends and family.
  • His favorite music to play on the guitar is from the Foo Fighters and if he wasn’t playing hockey he wishes he was playing with the Foo Fighters.
  • The best advice he ever got was from his dad, “dream big.”
  • Wayne Gretzky is the one player he wishes he could face.
  • He always wanted to fly so he would choose Superman over Batman or Spiderman.
  • Anton Stralman is good on breakaways in practice.
  • He is currently watching Breaking Bad and liked Dexter and Suits.
  • There is more time to recover on rebounds on the big ice and players have more time to shoot.

What's the key to being a successful goalie on the professional level? Listen to Henrik Lundqvist explain.

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And we have a winner! Thanks for all the questions, sorry we couldn't get to all of them!

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