Henrik Lundqvist

Recap: Henrik Lundqvist on ESPN Radio

7/15/14: 4:34PM: Henrik Lundqvist was a guest on 98.7 ESPN Radio at 4PM:

  •  “I’m in Gothenburg right now.”
  • Are you getting ready for McEnroe’s benefit, “I am playing tennis and working on my game. I am working on my serve, especially in doubles. The pressure is on now.”
  • How good a tennis player could you be, “I don’t know. I enjoy playing. The way that I move on the court is using similar muscles as on the ice. Side to side and quick feet and it’s a perfect workout for me in the summer. I spend a lot of time on the court because I like it and because it’s a great workout.”

  • Are you over the Stanley Cup, “You still have days where you spend a lot of time thinking about it and what wrong but also what went right. The start to the turnaround to the great run in the playoffs. It’s a lot of what ifs. A couple of games in OT, double OT where we hit the post and you spend some time wondering if the puck went in. I appreciate the great moments we had but it’s tough when you are that close, no question about it.”
  • Can you ever look back at just the run without the what ifs, “I am already doing that. Right after the season was over, I appreciated so many things about this year. The way we turned things around, how we came together. SO many things need to go your way to make it to the Final. I felt like we played really well against LA but we were a couple of bounces away. You want to be there again and get another crack at it to win the Cup.”
  • On the team rallying around Marty, “It was a very different and unique experience. We played well in the start and then had some tough games and when that happened, you see how Marty carried himself and how he played the next couple of games and it inspired a lot of guys, me especially and to see him score on Mother’s day was one of the coolest moments I think I have had in NY. It was so important for us as a hockey team but at a personal level for what it meant to Marty it was a beautiful moment.”
  • On the players they lost, “when we had a team like we did last year, you hope that a lot of guys will return but it’s a business and people come and go and I think you just sit tight and when you come back in August you see how the team will look. On ice is one thing bu off ice is another, you get to know guys and become friends and to see them leave is tough. I am excited about the new guys but some of the guys I got an opportunity to play with more many years and it’s tough to see them leave.”
  • Do you have any say in moves, “no (laugh). It’s pretty simple. It’s up to management. We have our meetings with the coaches and Glen before you leave for the summer and they ask you different questions and you leave it all to them and go home. Not many guys stay in NY, we are spread out in Europe and Canada and the US and spend time with friends and family and let management do their thing.”
  • Are you playing any guitar, “I have been playing some but not enough the last year or so but we need to change that. Sometimes I am not sure of the name of the band…”
  • On Derek Jeter, “What I can say is that I have been in NY for nine years and I don’t think there is any more respected athlete. The way he carries himself and the numbers he can put up are impressive and that is why people love him. As an athlete you really respect that and it’s inspiring to come to NY and see how people look up to him. It’s cool to see him play and how the fans react around him.”
  • Does it take a special type of person or heart to play in NY, “Yea, it could be a tough place but also the best place. It’s about mindset and you need to be prepared. As an 18 year old I saw the team get booed off the ice and that was my first impression. Mentally I knew it was a tough place but it’s a fun challenge. My start last year was bumpy and you hear stuff and read things and you need to believe in yourself a lot.”
  • How are you getting to LA for the ESPYs, “Gothenburg then Amsterdam and then Amsterdam to LA and I convinced by twin brother Joel to come along so that will be cool.”
  • Can you win the ESPY, “It looks pretty tough. They all had strong seasons here and I am just excited to go with my brother to have a good weekend and hope for the best. My chances of winning are probably not very good.”