Recap: Henrik Lundqvist on ABC 7/Being Contenders

Henrik Lundqvist spoke with Laura Behnke of WABC 7 and said:

  • Lundqvist said that he woke up early, checked his phone and saw that the deal was done. “it was a good feeling. I saw it coming in the last few days but you wanna hear about it and make sure it is 100% done.”
  • “I thought it may be a couple of weeks and then it turned into a couple of months….and then a couple of more months. Mentally it has been tough. I have been spending time with friends, family and the baby and that is the only positive I can pull from this.”
  • Lundqvist said that four or five times he started to get excited, work harder in practice and then be let down.
  • “we are really excited to be back on the ice. We had a great year last year and I hope we can keep building from that year.”

  • “we have a mission as a league to show people that this is the best game on the planet and it might take some time. I can’t blame [the upset fans]. This took too long”
  • On what he has been doing, Lundqvist said that practice has been tough since he didn’t know the time frame for how long it would take for the season to start. “I have been on the ice 3-4 times a week. I have been playing tennis and trying to do a bit of everything to stay ready. When you don’t have a plan and don’t know when to be ready, it’s tough. When it comes to hockey I always have a plan.”
  • On John Tortorella and his yelling, “I miss that too. I like Torts. He is a good coach and when you play so many games it’s good to have a coach that is passionate. It’s refreshing.”
  • “I think everyone is anxious to get going. I think it’s important to prepare physically and mentally. It’s going to be a challenge to get up to 100% right away. This time you get a week and no exhibition games. You don’t have any excuses and just need to go out there and give it all.”
  • On expectations and going further this year, “that is the goal. We had a great year, a lot of fun. I really hope we can keep building from last year. We did so much as a team and guys stepped up and we brought in some more guys. I think we should see ourselves as contenders. The biggest challenge will be handling the pressure both from the outside and the expectations that we put on ourselves.”
  • “when the playoffs starts it is a totally different season. It’s just a fun challenge and I remember a lot of good things from last year. It was so much fun.”
  • “The whole team is really excited to get back out there. Last year was unbelievable. Winning so many hockey games was fun and the goal is to be better this year.”