Read: The One Benefit Henrik Lundqvist Sees With The Lockout

In an interview with a Swedish Newspaper, Henrik Lundqvist said that due to circumstances that changed for him in the offseason, he sees at least one positive with the lockout.

Lundqvist told the paper that since his daughter Charlise was born in July he has been up a lot more during the night helping out but that he will find a way to adapt when the season starts, “If I should find something positive with the lockout, it’s that I have been able to spend more time with my daughter and help out more at home. It’s hard for me to be up all night when I play, you need to sleep in order to perform, that is for sure. Then I adapt myself later when hockey starts again.”

Lundqvist got his daughter’s name tattooed on his arm before heading to Sweden to see family and friends.