Read: Kevin Weekes On His Former Teammate Henrik Lundqvist

From 2005 to 2007, Kevin Weekes and Henrik Lundqvist were teammates and the Rangers goalie tandem.

Weekes told Sportsnet that the Rangers thought Lundqvist would be their guy, they just didn’t realize it would happen so quickly.

He said that he decided to take on a role of mentor and team player when he realized Lundqvist was going to take his spot as the starting goalie.

Weekes says that Lundqvist is “super-intense, ultra competitive” and that the amount of work he puts into his game during practice is why he is the top goalie in the league. He compares Lundqvist’s work ethic to that of the legendary work ethic that Michael Jordan had during his career and that Kobe Bryant does now.

In a chat with the Rangers website, Weekes said that Lundqvist’s competitiveness and desire to work hard is what makes him such a good goalie.

Weekes was 18-20-5 in his two years as a Ranger.