Read: How John Tortorella and Henrik Lundqvist Are Tied

NHL Awards HockeyIn the Daily News, Filip Bondy writes that both Henrik Lundqvist and John Tortorella have one-year left on their contracts and that what happens with Lundqvist could have a direct impact on John Tortorella’s future.

Bondy dissects Lundqvist’s comments about an extension with the Rangers and how he spoke in the past tense about his time with the Rangers and that “Tortorella’s relationship with Lundqvist, not his relationship with Brad Richards or Ryan Callahan, may become the single most important reason the coach is rehired or sent packing next season.”

Bondy says that contract talks with Lundqvist could impact Tortorella and that if things start slow for the Rangers next year or talks break off, it could be the end for Tortorella.

When the lockout ended, Henrik Lundqvist said of Tortorella “I like Torts. He is a good coach and when you play so many games it’s good to have a coach that is passionate. It’s refreshing.”

In terms of their relationship, Tortorella has said that he leaves Lundqvist alone for the most part and allows him to work with Benoit Allaire.

Tortorella has, on many occasions, remarked that the thing he loves about Lundqvist is his preparation and competitiveness.