Read: Henrik Lundqvist’s first period and post game comments

Henrik LundqvistHenrik Lundqvist stopped 9 of 10 Carolina shots in the first period including a breakaway from Alex Semin with 7:59 left in the first and the Rangers already down 1-0.

Lundqvist said that he was just doing his job in the first period and said that his most important save was the breakaway on Semin.

Alain Vigneault said that Lundqvist made some big saves, “you need that from your goalie,” and his play allowed the Rangers to find their rhythm in the first.

When asked if Lundqvist was ready for the playoffs, Vigneault said “oh yea, he’s ready.”

Lundqvist spoke with John Giannone on MSG and said:

on the game, “I thought we started winning a lot more battles around the boards. They were speedy and had a lot of skill up front tonight and in the first period they made it tough to win the battle.s They had some quick plays in front of the net and we corrected them and I think you are right, it was two different games and for me, we all felt that we were happy with a 1-1 score and then we settled things down and played well

On the PP, “it’s big for us to get that going, such a big part of the game going into the playoffs when the games are tight. We have a lot of skill there and they showed it tonight and hopefully tonight we can build confidence and keep it going.

On Richards and MSL, “It’s gonna be important to have all the players play at their top level going into the playoffs. When your top guys play like they did tonight and have like they have as of late, it’s just great to see how we were moving the puck and creating chances. I think we all felt that it was a good game after the start.”

On playing well now, “you want to get good habits and try to play the game you want to play next week, you don’t want to change and you want to focus on the details, it needs to be here now and next week and you can’t take any shortcuts, you need to focus the same way and take each game as an important game. Who knows, it could play a huge part in the end if we get the extra points at the end and get a better spot.”

(Rangers Report) On Zuccarello: “he is such a skilled player. From day one when I saw him the first game in the Olympics and then coming here, I am just happy that he has grown into his role. Last year and the year before it may have been tougher in a different system but now it’s a system where we let guys play a little more and allow them to be creative. He is one of the best, I think, in the league to see plays open up and create opportunities for his linemates. He has to work really hard because of his size and I don’t think he has ever taken anything for granted, he has to work for it and earn it and that is what he does when he comes to the rink. He was a great choice.”

On the first period and keeping a team in it, “well that is the goalies job, to be there when the team needs you and not just when you are feeling good about yourself. I think the most important save was the breakaway and it was 1-0. When you play a team with nothing to play for and they start to get confidence they will start to go for it but now instead we tied up the game and then it was different. It’s my job and it feels good when you are there for your team.”

On going to the playoffs, “I think I am approaching the right way. Focusing the right way. Technically I am doing the right things in game and practice and there are always things here and there that you remind yourself to work on. I think I am getting closer to where I want to be and need to be as the games get tougher. I see it as a great challenge to reach your top level.