Read: Henrik Lundqvist Says He and John Tortorella Had A Good Relationship

NHL Awards HockeySince he was fired as Rangers head coach, the relationship between John Tortorella and Henrik Lundqvist has been a topic of conversation.

Lundqvist said that he didn’t tell management that a change was needed and that as a player he would never do that.

It had been suggested multiple times that Lundqvist’s comments after the season was the last straw for Tortorella.

Lundqvist told the NY Post that he and Tortorella had a good relationship and that it was refreshing to play for a coach who challenged him so much.

He clarifies that he was challenged, “in a good way.”

Lundqvist added that he felt bad when Tortorella was fired and that if he had been able to do more it wouldn’t have happened.

He said that this is the same feeling he had in 2009 when Tom Renney was fired and that, “it’s up to us players to get the done, but coaches sometimes pay for our mistakes.”

When the lockout ended, Lundqvist said of Tortorella “I like Torts. He is a good coach and when you play so many games it’s good to have a coach that is passionate. It’s refreshing.”