Read: Henrik Lundqvist and the City of New York

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily that was mainly about fashion, Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist talked about what it was like to play in New York.

“To play here, you have to block everything out and stay confident. You have to remember that you’ll have ups and downs. The fans will let you know if you’re not playing well, but that’s what makes it so special and fun to play here. You work really hard to earn their love and respect, and the hockey fans in New York love their team.”

During a Google Hangout last fall, Lundqvist said of playing in NY and the fans “All the players respect what has been going on there for so long. New York fans are very passionate. They care so much and they are so involved with how we do as a club. You want to play in  place where people care and have opinions. The best part about NY fans are their passion. They follow the team from age 4 and I can just say that it’s an unbelievable feeling to play there for so many years.”

In Sports Illustrated during the spring of 2012, Lundqvist’s friend Henrik Zetterberg said “New York fits him. He wears it well, like his suits. The culture, the food, the fashion. About the people he tells only good stories. He could not play anywhere else…. If he wins [the Cup], just give him the key.”