Read: Giving Henrik Lundqvist The Highest Cap Hit In The League?

Henrik LundqvistIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that there is “very little doubt” that Henrik Lundqvist will surpass Alexander Ovechkin’s league leading cap hit of $9.53 million when he signs his new contract.

Brooks says that Lundqvist’s asking price is likely to be a minimum of eight years, the max length a player can sign for, and $80 million.

Lundqvist currently has the 23rd ranked cap hit in the league at $6.875 million and he is second amongst goalies, behind Pekka Rinne at $7 million.

Next season Rinne will rank 20th and Lundqvist 24th in cap hits.

In terms of other goalies, only Carey Price, $6.5, Cam Ward, $6.3, and Ryan Miller $6.25, have cap hits over $6 million.

Adam Rotter: Henrik Lundqvist deserves to have one of the top cap hits in the league, but if winning a Stanley Cup is his number one priority then wouldn’t he be better served taking less so that his team can add quality players around him? Lundqvist has spent his entire career as the best player on flawed teams and taking up that much of the salary cap, with the largest cap hit, would probably lead to a similar situation no matter where he plays.