Read: Brad Richards on players sitting after clinching (Henrik Lundqvist’s thoughts)

Brad Richards

6:38PM: Richards said on MSG before the game, “if you really need it and it’s nagging injuries or something that could effect you in the playoffs but if it is just rest for the sake of rest. I don’t think many players will do that. They want to go in on a high note and you can always be better”

9:34AM: When the Rangers play against Carolina on Tuesday night they will be in a position to clinch a playoff spot or have already done so if the Devils lose to Calgary on Monday night.

Brad Richards was asked on Saturday what he thought about players sitting out after a team has clinched.

Richards said, “I don’t believe in it…how do I want to put it…I am a bit of a karma guy, I don’t start doing that. I always think Hockey gods will look at your differently. That is just me and everyone is different. So, I think you play hard and if you need rest…there are some situations where you can play but it’s smart to take rest and sometimes that happens around the league but overall the integrity and I think that guys want to play. it’s tough to tell a hockey player to go sit upstairs for the sake of sitting upstairs. Like I said, if you are banged up or have nagging injuries the players and the staff will feel good about it but if not, they will feel weird about it and bad karma.” (Rangers)

Henrik Lundqvist was asked about maybe sitting if the Rangers clinched and said, “not really….we will have enough days to get ready for the playoffs but whatever they think is better for the group, I will go with it…..It’s crazy to think that the regular season is over on Saturday. It’s been an interesting year and the roller coaster of emotions and the ups and downs and you learn from it.”