Note: Henrik Lundqvist Likes The Frest Start/Doesn’t Want Contract To Distract Him

Henrik LundqvistHenrik Lundqvist said today that he hopes the fresh start and clean slate that Alain Vigneault is bringing to the Rangers will help the team.

Vigneualt is Lundqvist’s third head coach with the Rangers and he remember what it was like when John Tortorella replaced Tom Renney, “when Torts first came in here it was like the whole room changed. It was a cool feeling. Having Tom was great and then Torts changed the whole atmosphere. It was a new challenge, I enjoyed it. I am sure that will be the case now, he comes in and it’s a different approach, the way they talk. It’s just different. I hope it helps us.”

Lundqvist added he enjoyed playing under John Tortorella and their relationship was good, but that these decisions come down to winning and what is best for the team. He added that while he will have to adjust, change can be a good thing sometimes and that playing under Alain Vigneault will bring new challenges that he is looking forward to.

The rest of Lundqvist’s comments today are below

  • On the new pad sizes, “It changed a little bit. I don’t know how much, maybe close to two inches. The first two weeks was certainly a big difference in how I felt but then you start to get used to it. In a couple of weeks I won’t even think about it. It was the same thing when they switched the skinny pad. You feel a lot smaller but a lot is just mentally. The big change here, it’s just gonna be the way I feel and not the coverage. I feel a little faster so it could be better for me.”
  • On how he feels when wearing the new pads, “when you stand up it feels easier to move and you feel that your pad is shorter, but when you are down, I close with my knees more than I close with my pads so it won’t impact me that much. Goaltending is all about adjusting to the game. The game has changed, the rules and equipment have changed so you just have to adjust. I think everyone will, you just need to give it some time. I know it’s not going to be blamed for giving up goals.”
  • On his workload for the season, “We haven’t talked about number of games. It’s about working on details in practice. With games, it’s about seeing the game and how you think. You work on technique in practice.
  • Is there an update on contract talks, “No not really. I know they are talking.”
  • Is there a time frame for when you want the deal done, “All I can say is that when the season starts I want to be 100% focused on my game and what I need to do on the ice. If I think even the slightest percentage is thinking about my future or contract, we aren’t going to talk about the contract during the season. That will be what something we will discuss if we don’t have something when the season starts. I need all my attention to the game.”