Read: The Need To Avoid Distractions With The Henrik Lundqvist Contract

LundqvistIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that to avoid in-season distractions, the Rangers need to get Henrik Lundqvist signed to a contract extension as soon as they can.

Brooks brings up inevitable questions that Lundqvist will have to face if he isn’t tied down to a long-term deal:

  • “Uh, what are your thoughts on being a trade-deadline rental if you’re unsigned by then, Hank?”
  • “So King, do you think you might be willing to take less to play with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin?”

Lundqvist, in an interview with SVT, said that if a contract isn’t done it can’t affect his game and his focus. He understands that this contract is very important and at an important part of his life, but when the season starts he wants to focus on “the right things.”

Rangers assistant GM Jeff Gorton said that the Rangers want Lundqvist and that Lundqvist wants to stay with the Rangers so a new contract shouldn’t be hard to hammer out.

Gorton said that he expects talks to start up again when Lundqvist returns to NY.

Adam Rotter: With training camp less than one month away I would expect Lundqvist to return to NY shortly and for contract talks to pick up from there. The distractions of letting this drag into the season, along with all the whispers and reports that will pop up at the first losing streak and any struggle, won’t be good for anyone. Either the two sides need to come to terms before the season, negotiate in secret during the season or just wait until the end of the year.

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