Poll: How Long Would You Sign Henrik Lundqvist For?

Lundqvist1:28PM: On TSN’s Insider Trading last night, Bob McKenzie said that there won’t be an issue with Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers when it comes to money on his new contract, but there will be an issue of how long the contract will be.

McKenzie notes that Lundqvist will be 32 years old in the first-year of his extension, 33 when the playoffs start, and that even though he is at the top of his game there are questions about how long you want to commit to a goalie at that age.

He says that Lundqvist’s agent was in New York last week to talk with Glen Sather and that everyone knows that Lundqvist will get north of $7 million but it isn’t yet known for how long.

Lundqvist has said he would like to play late into his 30s.

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