Buzz: Henrik Lundqvist Wants To Stay A Ranger/Isn’t Thinking About Free Agency

Henrik Lundqvist Broadway HatIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks spoke with Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist about his contract situation and what the future may hold for Lundqvist.

Lundqvist said that he isn’t thinking about free agency and that New York is where he wants to be, “The way the organization has treated me, the way that our team has played over the last few years, the way I feel about New York City, this is definitely the place I want to be .”

He did say that talks are in the early stages and that there are things that need to be discussed. Lundqvist said that having a contract done before training camp isn’t a must and that he won’t be involved at all in the talks until the end.

Brooks says that there hasn’t been much negotiating between the Rangers and Lundqvist’s camp and Lundqvist noted that he won’t speak publicly about his contract during the season.

THIS SECTION is about Lundqvist’s future with the Rangers.