Buzz: Henrik Lundqvist Would Like To Play 7-8 More Years

Lundqvist_007+sIn an interview with GP, in Sweden and via, Henrik Lundqvist said that he would like to play hockey until he is 40 years old .

Lundqvist says that it’s a realistic goal to play until he is 40.

He is 31 and turns 32 next March. The Rangers have the opportunity to offer Lundqvist and eight-year contract, other teams can only offer him seven, which would take him to 40 years old.

In the NY Post today, Larry Brooks wrote that the question with Lundqvist is whether his cap hit will be closer to $8.5 million or $9.5 million and whether he wants the full eight-years that the Rangers can give him or just take seven.

He adds that the Rangers will have to pay Lundqvist as the league’s best goalie and that is probably how Lundqvist wants to be paid.

In response to previous claims from Brooks that Lundqvist should get an eight-year deal with the maximum salary, Lundqvist told GP “haha…Larry has an eye on stuff.”