Recap: Dominic Moore on TSN Radio Yesterday

Dominic MooreDominic Moore was a guest on TSN Radio at 3:15PM yesterday:

  • Getting ready, “been working on the forehand and getting the spin going. It’s just a big party.”
  • What is the vibe, “the chriping is half the battle. You gotta have some good trash talk. It’s a great time and a great event.”
  • On ping pong, “anybody can play and that is the theme of the event. It’s interactive and social. We are having a good time and people are enjoying it.”
  • How many people are in Toronto in the summer, “so many Ontario guys who grew up ehre and they are easier to come out. Guys fly in and either way I am grateful for htem to take time out of their summer. We are fortunate to have a huge lineup again this year.”

  • On fans at the event, “you can come right up to my face and just rip on my backhand. There are a bunch of people and that is what the event is. We awnted everyone in one run and interactive and fun.”
  • On the ESPYS, “I wanted to take in the experience. I had a great time.”
  • Do you get star struck, “Not really. I am a big Federer fan and one of the few that I would get star struck about.”
  • “There are a lot of picture opportunities going on. I walked the red carpet right in front of Sharapova so it was like, ‘buddy get out of the way.”
  • On Drake as the host, “I thought he was unbelievable. I had no idea he was so funny.”
  • On being more of celebrity, “I never think about it, it’s nice to be home and when in NY and people recognize and say hi and are excitced, it means a lot. You play for the fans at the end of the day and that is something that I have always taken pride in.”
  • On NY vs Toronto, “there is so much going on in NY with the other sports. The Rangers and the Yanks and Knicks, there is so much going on that it’s a different vibe. You would be surprised how loyal and passionate the Ranger fans are. The die hards, and there are more than you think, have been die hards for decades and its’ a different vibe than Toronto but they are similar in the way the fans are passionate.”
  • On the Isles moving to Brooklyn, “we will see what happens. It has to be a good thing for the Isles as an organization to move into a new facility. It’s definitely not the best arena in the league but I think it will be best for everyone in the organization and the fans, I’m not an Islander fan so I can’t project, but the Barclays Center is a great building from all indications but I haven’t been.”
  • On the summer and offseason, I think that the summers get long when you don’t make the playoffs. We all want to play. This year was great and then you regroup and then before you know it you are back at camp. Guys enjoy their summers too, free time in the season is tough. You put in a lot of effort throughout the year to make the playoffs and the playoffs are a battle so you need that rest.”
  • Cup Hangover concerns, “I think we are excited about building on the results we had this year. The margins are so small in this league and whether you made the Final or didn’t make the playoffs, you have to focus on improvement and that is what we are doing as a team.”
  • Realignment, “I thought the playoff seedings and format worked out pretty well. I personally don’t think the conference alignment is a great thing and it’s unfair having more teams for less spots on one side. Hopefully it’s something that can be fixed soon.”
  • On expansion, “I don’t know. It would depend on where expansion would go and growth of the game is always a good thing. Exposing the game to more people is always good.”
  • On Las Vegas, “I don’t know. It’s a good question and an interesting place to go. It’s one of the entertainment capitals of the world but there are smarter people than me making those decisions.”
  • I would live out in the suburbs. A suite at the Bellagio is not my style. It’s Vegas for a reason and entertainment is in all different forms.

Moore has been on the radio in the last few weeks to promote Smashfest.