Recap: Dominic Moore on Sportsnet Radio

Dom MooreDominic Moore was on Prime Time Sports yesterday (Sportsnet):

  •  On staying with the Rangers for two years, “Glad to be staying in NY. We had a great season this year and personally, coming back and having the year that we did, it felt great but to stay a blueshirt is a great feeling for sure.”
  • On not having to move around a lot anymore, “we will see. Like you said, having been through so many ups and downs it’s nice to have some constancy.”

  • On this year for the Rangers, “when you look back at how we started the season, we were a poor team early on, we were on the road at the start because of the renovations at MSG and we couldn’t find our way and it’s what makes it better that we clawed our way into a playoff spot and got past a tough Philly team in the first round and come back from down 3-1 against Pitt and then getting past a good Montreal team. Those are all good memories to have. Even in the Final, all credit to LA, they are deserving winners for sure, they know how to win. We can be proud of how we played in the games, it’s a small margin.”
  • On the plane ride after game four heading back to LA, “The mood we had before game four was that we needed one win and then the focus was on the same thing, one win, and we nearly did it. You look at all the scoring chances that happened in OT and double OT, it could have gone other way. If we get that games it’s a whole different series. LA is such a resilient team and came back from 0-3 down in the first round and deserve it.”
  • On Smashfest and the charities it supports, “I started the event three years ago and I started it for concussions and it’s important in our family and all hockey players have either had one or have teammates who have. Concussions are things that impact a lot of other people than just athletes and then we added in the Katie Moore foundation. It’s for concussion and for cancer research but it’s mostly just about fun and it’s grown every year and we are blown away by it.”
  • “I think we have 25 guys this year and you can go to to see the rosters and buy your tickets. It’s just one big open room and 25 hockey guys who come down to have fun and an open bar and you can do the rest.”
  • On calling it ping pong and not table tennis, “It was a conscious choice not to call it table tennis because we don’t take ourselves seriously by any means.”

Moore has also been on TSN and Yahoo.