Recap: Dominic Moore on Marek vs Wyshynski (On staying with the Rangers, and the Stanley Cup Final)

Dom MooreDominic Moore was a guest on Marek vs Wyshynski today:

  • On 3 on 3, “it will be exciting to watch. The open ice and end to end action is so pronounced in the 4 on 4 and it will be interesting how it plays out.”
  • On training with 3 on 3 hockey, “It depends, some of those 3 on 3 rinks are in a confined space and it becomes good for puck protection but on an NHL rink it’s a different dynamic. Teams are still figuring out 4 on 4 and will get better and better. So much is holding onto the puck and not dumping it in when you don’t need to and it’s even more pronounced with the 3 on 3.
  • On changing point values for wins, “Well, I can’t say that I disagree with that for sure, I’m not the one who weighs these things but there are times when I think we should go 3 points for a win and trying to incentive winning outright and having the standings be so tight is good for ratings and I don’t think it would change if you change the point value but I am sure there are better minds than me looking at this.”

  • Would you like to play 3 on 3, I have played 3 on 3, it doesn’t happen often but I have been on the ice and it becomes a very cautious game. You have to hold onto the puck and don’t want to risk losing it because you won’t get it back for a minute after that. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.”
  • On staying with the Rangers and not being the next Mike Sillinger, “Well I have a lot of respect for Mike Sillinger so if that is the comparison, great, he was a good player for a long time and a valuable player. I hope that this is where I will be, that is my intent on signing and staying there. I enjoyed playing and had an enjoyable season this year and getting to the Final was a rewarding feeling and we are looking to build on that. We have all the ingredients to keep building with Henrik and our depth on forward and defense.”
  • What was the hardest part playing against LA, “They are positionally very sound defensively never have the third man caught they always have numbers back. They protect the front of the net well. It’s not rocket science, it’s standard old time hockey, they play really well and they have a good goalie and the intangibles with that team are not to be overlooked, they found ways to win, it’s not like they swept every round and win 3 of 4 to win the Stanley Cup. As long as you win it doesn’t matter if it’s seven games or whatever, finding ways to win and they are a team that did that.
  • Was there a moment where you thought ti was something special, “Definitely. 20 years since 1994, first time back in the Final, we definitely had a feeling, with Marty’s mom passing and some special moments for him and goals for him and beating Montreal like we did, there was a feeling that we had a good chance. The Final, was far more competitive than a five game series. 3 of the 5 were OT and two were double OT and if we get one of them it may have a different trajectory but all credit to them.”
  • How different would you play if you could play it again, “That is a good question. We would have liked to maybe move the net in game one a little to the right so McDonagh’s shot hits the inside of the post…but other than that I don’t know what we would do differently. We tried our best and some breaks go your way and there are things we could have done better but we have next year to figure it out.”
  • On his history with ping pong, “I love ping pong and love to play and every room has a ping pong table and guys are obsessed with playing before and after game and on practice days. It’s all about the trash talk more than anything else, it’s a lot of fun and I always thought it would be fun to make a fan friendly atmosphere and that was the impetus for putting it together. It’s hard to believe how the event has taken off to what it has become and it sounds funny when you try to describe it but anyone who comes away says that it’s the most awesome event they have been to. We are excited about it.”
  • Why the steamwhistle brewery, “it’s such a unique place and we are lucky to work with them. It fits the mold of what the event is about, fun and like I said, there is more to it than just ping pong if you are there. There are still tickets on”
  • Was there a player who was great in ping pong, “the reigning champ is Stephane Veilleux and he is almost Olympic caliber, he is unbelievable. We had an Olympic silver medalist come last year and Veilleux was playing with him and you would be hard pressed to find out out who the pro is. Marty St. Louis and I like to battle a lot. He is really good. It’s mostly about the fun though and just the interactive nature of it.”
  • Who is awful, “Teddy Purcell, no I just wanted to say that because he would get fired up. Maybe TJ Galliardi, see what he says about his own game….just joking around…..Kipper (Nick Kypreos) isn’t bad at racket sports, he is pretty solid.”