Recap: Dominic Moore Conference Call

Dominic MooreNewly signed Ranger Dominic Moore had a conference call with the Rangers media today.

On coming back to the Rangers and MSG, “I couldn’t be more excited. Obviously I have great memories from over the years both as a Ranger and a visitor. It has always been my favorite place to play. There is something special about MSG and I can’t wait to put the Rangers jersey back on.”

On Henrik Lundqvist and being rookies together in 2005-06, “It’s funny that he is the only one who is still there from our rookie season. We bonded pretty good at that time and we stayed pretty close throughout the years. I can’t wait to be his teammate again.”

On this offseason and the moment until he signed, “Summer is all relative. Some guys had been playing since January and I wasn’t. The good news is that I have gotten myself into great shape and I am ready to go and raring to play again. I watched the playoffs and it was a huge motivating factor. You watch those games and you want to be a part of them. I watched the Rangers and I think we have the makings of a great team and there is a lot to look forward to.”

On how being back on the ice will feel, “I don’t know. I have never had that kind of absence since I was two years old. I have been playing fairly steadily. I think it will be pretty quick to get back into the swing of things.”

On why he is ready to come back now, “just the timing of everything at that time, it just didn’t work out. Everything came to a head at an inopportune time. It was a very difficult decision to not play, but at the same time it was the right decision. The months after that have given me a chance to regroup and clear my head. Going through, as anyone who has cared for someone with cancer, it’s a battle that the whole family is in. After that you need some time to reorganize, I don’t know what the right word is, but to regroup.”

On how he has felt the past year., “that is a question that could take a lifetime to answer. Obviously, in a way, the ups and downs throughout the course of dealing with the disease and what we went through, it’s a lot to describe in one simple answer. I am grateful for the time we had. Those months were the most special months that we had with each other despite them being the most difficult and pain filled months that a person could deal with.”

On comfort to retuning to the game with support of players and NHL community, “it’s amazing when you see the community, hockey is such a small world. We have the support of friends and family and a lot of that is the network of hockey we have lived in for so many years. I am so grateful for all the support at all times.”

What have you been doing, where have you been since January, were you back in Toronto? “I live in Boston in the offseason and that is where I have been. I have been working out a lot and skating and training. I did some cross training with the Harvard tennis team to keep myself in pretty good shape. I have used those months to get this foundation off the ground and it has been busy and there have also been charity events I am putting on in Toronto, a ping pong tournament, and I am trying to unify that even with the foundation.”

On coming back to the NHL, “I didn’t try and get ahead of myself. There is one thing if the process has taught me it’s to take things one day at a time. That is what I have been doing. I haven’t been worrying what will happen too far down the road. It’s been good to focus on the things I can control.”

Was it important to be back with the Rangers, “I think there is no doubt that coming back to NY was what I wanted to happen. It was my first choice. I have always been drawn back here and I am grateful that it has come to fruition.”

On Alain Vigneault and Vancouver, “They have been very successful. I haven’t seen them play as much as the eastern teams but I have seen them play a lot under his guidance. Their success is obvious. They have a pretty specific style of play that is fun to watch and will probably fit really well with the kind of team that we have. There are a lot of things to look forward to with our group.”