Read: Derek Stepan Wants To Reach The Next Level

Through five games, Derek Stepan has four assists, 12 shots and is averaging close to 20 minutes per game.

He is averaging over 3 minutes a night on the PP and 2:07 killing penalties.

Stepan is 30 and 35 on faceoffs this season.

Before the middle of Sunday’s game, Stepan had been skating with Ryan Callahan throughout the season but has had different wingers on the left side including Marian Gaborik, Chris Kreider and Taylor Pyatt.

Stepan was then moved to the third line to play with Brian Boyle.

Joe Micheletti said of Stepan in the first couple of games, “This is a kid that you would expect to be even better this year.”

Stepan said, to the Daily News, that having a top six role puts a lot of responsibility on his shoulder, “The biggest thing is now that I’m getting these minutes, I’ve got to make sure I score a goal and try to help out in a positive way rather than just play the big minutes. I can be successful at it. I’ve just got to make sure that each night I bring what got me here.”

He told the NY Post that he wants to do more than just play big minutes.