Read: Dan Girardi Puts His Body On The Line

DAN GIRARDIAt, John Kreiser looks at seven players who put their bodies on the line in the name of helping their team win.

One of those players is Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi.

He mentions that Girardi will wear a visor this season and that with his style of play it’s surprising he didn’t make the move sooner.

Since 2007-08, Girardi’s first full season he has played in 454 of a possible 458 regular season games.

In terms of hits, Girardi has had

  • 07-08: 179 (8th for defensemen)
  • 08-09: 207 (4th for defensemen)
  • 09-10: 178 (13th for defensemen)
  • 10-11: 195 (9th for defensemen)
  • 11-12: 211 (8th for defensemen)
  • 12-13: 102 (21st for defensemen)

Over the past four season he has led the league in blocked shots twice and finished 5th and 6th in the other two seasons.