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Buzz: Dan Girardi is hoping something gets done in the next few days

Against Chicago last night, pending UFA Dan Girardi played 22:59 in the Rangers win over Chicago.

On MSG after the game, Girardi said “we will see what happens here, we will be working here the next few days hopefully and try to bang something out here but in the meantime it’s all business and just do my job.”

When asked about distractions and how he deals with them, Girardi said “I think it’s pretty easy actually, away from the rink you deal with it and figure things out, when you get here it doesn’t even come into my head. Morning skate or coming to the game it’s the last thing in my head. I’m just going to work hard and let everything else figure itself out.” (MSG)

“They say 99% chance that they trade Callahan and will trade Girardi if they don’t get him signed, I have kind of come to believe Callahan but I don’t believe Girardi. I really don’t. I still think that Sather is playing a game and trying to grind this one down to the limit to get them signed by scaring them into thinking that they will be dealt. I just can’t fathom them trading Girardi. Callahan I believe can happen but I think they need to find a way to get Girardi signed.  (James Duthie with TSN’s Gareth Wheeler)