Buzz: Dan Girardi Shouldn’t Expect A Suspension For His Hit Last Night

Last night during the start of OT, Dan Girardi was called for boarding Tyler Ennis.

It was a hit that Al Trautwig, Dave Maloney and Joe Micheletti all agreed, during the Rangers post game show, that deserved to be penalized but is not suspension worthy.

Bob McKenzie tweeted, “As for irate Sabre fans mentioning Girardi-Ennis, no chance. Not even in same area code. “Simultaneous or just prior to.” Look it up. G’nite”

At Puck Daddy, Wysh writes “Boarding? Sure. Suspension-worthy? A chief consideration both in handing out a major or suspending Girardi is whether “the opponent put himself in a vulnerable position immediately prior to or simultaneously with the check.””