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Stats: Projecting what Chris Kreider may do this season

In The Hockey News Pool Guide, Chris Kreider is projected to play in 75 games for the Rangers and score 27 goals and add in 25 assists.

In their write up for Kreider they say that he is best known for taking out Carey Price but “he will soon be best known for scoring goals.”

Two-years ago, after Kreider’s debut in the playoffs, The Hockey News projected 50 points.

Last year they had Kreider projected for 15 points.

This year, Kreider had:

  • 17 goals and 20 assists in 66 regular season games. He averaged 15:43 per game and had 12 of his 37 points on the PP.
  • 5 goals and 8 assists in 15 playoff games. He averaged 16:48 per game and had 5 of his 13 points on the PP.

He signed a two-year deal last week with a cap hit of $2.475 million.


Johnny Dollaz
Johnny Dollaz

He's going to have a huge year. Played his best hockey when skating with Nash and Stepan. Think he can eclipse 25 goals.