Recap: Chris Kreider’s Comments Today

Chris KreiderA day after being called up, Chris Kreider spoke with the media, via Rangers Report, after today’s practice:

  • On his time in Hartford, “We won a lot so it was a lot of fun. Personally I thought I played well and learned a lot. In particular, I focused on simplifying my game, focusing on what I can control and trying to use my strengths, playing my game and figuring out what that was.”
  • On seeing the Rangers struggle, “you wanna be able to help and you are close with the guys in the room, but you also need to focus on the situation you are in and help that team win.”
  • On staying in one place and being settled, “there is value in that but it’s hockey and the more you play the better you get. Regardless of where I was I was bringing the same attitude to the rink everyday. I’m happy to be playing hockey.”

  • On being in a certain role to succeed, “I like to think that I can play any role that I am needed too. The consummate team player can fill that role that they need you to fill. I like to think that I can do that and do what it takes to help them win.”
  • On who he played with in Hartford, “I played with Lindberg and Hrivik and then Lindberg and Kristo. I was also rooming with Danny….. so it was interesting.”
  • On how much help he got from veterans when he first came to the team, “that is huge for any rookie or any young guy. It’s huge at any level, having good leadership, having guys who know how to be successful. Especially with this group, a lot of guys lead by example and especially down in Hartford a lot of guys lead by example.”
  • On skating with Brad Richards, “I think it doesn’t matter who he plays with, he makes them better and that person is gonna learn from him. He knows so much and I was actually lucky enough to lift with him a little bit at the end of the summer and kind of pick his brain a little. Just being around him definitely helps bring you along.”
  • On how introspective he gets with his game, “I think that you…having a short-term memory is pretty big thing for you in this profession. It’s something that you don’t let go of immediately, sometimes it sticks in the back of your mind but it’s not something that you can dwell on or get tied up with.”
  • On how he can help the Rangers, “try to play my game, use my assets, go to the net, shoot pucks, play simple.”
  • On being better prepared this year to make an impact, “I am healthy now, so hopefully.”
  • On his success at BC, “I haven’t heard much about it recently. When I initially came up I heard about it a lot but you never get tired of hearing that, it was a lot of fun.”