Read: John Tortorella Wants Chris Kreider To Get To Know Him

Chris Kreider is a very trendy pick to win the Calder Trophy for this season after his five goal performance in the playoffs.Chris Kreider Rangers

In the playoffs John Tortorella said of Kreider, “He’s going to go through the process. Who knows what happens next year with him? You guys have him playing 22 minutes on the first line I would think with some of the articles you’ll write before next year. I can predict that.”

Tortorella said at recently “I’m really anxious to see how Chris does in camp. I’ll do a lot more coaching with him than I could do during the playoffs. He’s got to learn to be a pro and not miss any steps along the way. Plus, I want him to get to know me.”

Tortorella added that he was very impressed with how Kreider handled himself during the playoffs.

Adam Rotter: That second part of what Tortorella said is key. Kreider got to see Tortorella in action during the playoffs but with everything going on he never really got a chance to know him or vice versa. That relationship is key and something that Torts has with most of the guys. I don’t think it will be a problem as Kreider is has a good head on his shoulders and is a real low maintenance team first kind of guys. He wants to put the work in to be good and Tortorella will respect that.