Read: Is Chris Kreider Creative Enough?

Near the end of December, Jim Schoenfeld gave an update on Chris Kreider and his slower than expected start to the season.

Kreider’s talent and skill set is very high, Schoenfeld has said that he has the tools to be a star, but some people think that Kreider is lacking in one particular area.

Corey Pronman, at Puck Prospectus, writes that creativity isn’t one of Kreider’s strong suits but it’s good enough to not be considered a weakness.

Grant Sonier said of Kreider at ESPN Insider, “I’m just not sold that he has enough creativity to his game to allow him to score as much as he should with the physical tools that he has.”

Sonier added that at worst, Kreider could be a checking line forward in the NHL who uses his size and speed to be an energy player.

In October, on twitter, Leslie Treff said of Kreider “Kreider is so calm w puck. Never panics.”

At CBC, Elliotte Friedman spoke with some NHL executives who focus on the AHL and Kreider was one of the players that they said was impressing down there.

Kreider has been impressing many different types of hockey personnel with his skill set since joining the Rangers in the playoffs last spring.