Read: Chris Kreider Talks About The Differences Between The AHL and NHL

KreiderIn the Daily News, Chris Kreider spoke about how playing in the NHL varies from playing in the AHL.

Kreider said that one thing he learned was that he could throw a hard body check in the NHL and not be called for a penalty like he was in college and earlier this season in the AHL.

In terms of physical play, Kreider said “at this level when you’re in the process of hitting guys, if their hands are free, they’re going to make a play. So I’ve got to get stick to puck. It’s about being cognizant of that, but it’s also stuff I know I can do. I just have to focus on it.”

John Tortorella has said that he wants Kreider to focus on holding onto pucks and Kreider said that that had been a big focus of his game in the past so he knows he can do that.

He was sent down earlier this afternoon.