Read: Chris Kreider Has Made Progress

Chris Kreider ranks tied for second in the NHL in points by a rookie with 18 (8 goals and 10 assists) and has gotten his 18 points in six fewer games than the players he is tied with.

Kreider is emerging as a serious threat to win the Calder as Rookie of the Year and is becoming one of the NHL’s most immovable forces from in front. (NY Post).

Dave Maloney said, after Kreider’s hat trick against Vancouver, that Kreider makes a lot of good little plays and that while the headline will be the Hat Trick, the little things Kreider does like creating space, using his size and speed are what make him effective.

Joe Micheletti added, “Kreider has improved in every area. He is hitting, skating, fore-checking, scoring, setting up plays and it’s been impressive.”

Rick Nash, via the Rangers, said “Kreider has all the skills to be an All Star in this league.”

Corey Pronman, who has had questions about Kreider in the past, wrote at ESPN Insider, that Kreider has turned a corner and is finally starting to fulfill his potential.

Pronman spoke with Rangers Director, Player Personnel Gordie Clark who said that Kreider’s progress has been “quite evident” and that the biggest obstacle for Kreider in his career was his need to learn how to play defense and play away with the puck.

Maloney said before the Rangers played the Caps, “Chris’s game has become a full game. He is firm on the puck, get into position and gets the puck to the net. He is doing all the things to create room for himself.”

After scoring to tie the game in the third period against Calgary, Kreider said that he is trying to get to the net on every shift and create opportunities from there.

Derek Stepan told Dave Maloney after the Calgary game that Kreider is a big part of his success and Benoit Pouliot said that Kreider is doing what he needs to do and using his size and speed to score goals.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

If Kreider can utilize his size more (be more physical) along with his skating and offensive abilities. He truly believe he can be very similar to John Leclaire and how he played the game.


i'd rather kreider focus on scoring goals than becoming lucic who at times forgets he's also there to score and worries too much about pulverizing guys. throw in the fact lucic is not nearly the skater that kreider is. let chris be the player he is destined to be instead of making him something he is not. not every player needs to be 'physical' to be a force in this league. for all his size, how physical was jaromir jagr? i don't think anyone would quibble with the player he became.