Read: Chris Kreider Doesn’t Feel Settled/Knows He Needs To Play Better Defense

Chris KreiderYesterday, John Tortorella spoke about how Chris Kreider was in a position where he had to win his spot with the Rangers for this season.

Kreider, in the NY Post, agreed that it is up to him to win a spot with the Rangers, “I have to show them that I belong. And I know the only way to get ice time here is to be responsible on the defensive side of the puck and not cheat the game.

He added “being here in the spring was a stepping stone, but no one has to tell me that I have a lot of room for improvement.”

Brian Boyle, a fellow Boston College product who will likely center Kreider to start the season, said that he is more than happy to work with Kreider in trying to round out his game.

Glen Sather told the Post that that no one is worried about the lack of production Kreider had in the AHL because ” the game down there isn’t as conducive to Chris scoring as it is here.” Sather said that Kreider will be better in the NHL than in the AHL.

The Daily News says that Kreider is now on the RW on the third line and it’s a spot that makes him feel more comfortable defensively.

In the News, Kreider said that he is far from proven, but likes being in that role, “I feel like I’m pushing myself. I’m not settled. I like that, though.”

Kreider added that he spent most of his time in the AHL working on being more aware defensively in the AHL and “I think I got a lot better. In fact, I did get a lot better.”